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Home Cooked Ribs

(No need for a smoker if you don’t have one!)


1 rack of ribs, trimmed and the membrane removed

1 tin of Big Nath’s BBQ rub

2 tablespoons of yellow American mustard

Tin foil

Apple cider or works well with sweet drinks

Big Nath’s BBQ sauce


Pre-heat oven to roughly 115C

Using tin foil, about a meter long, place the ribs in the middle

Using the mustard cover the ribs completely, both sides

Liberally coat the ribs in Big Nath’s BBQ rub

Fold each side of the foil over to cover the ribs, roll up one end to create a pocket, then pour in roughly 200ml of cider and roll the top of the pocket to create a tight foil package around the ribs

Place on a baking tray and put in the oven for 3-3.5 hours

When the times up carefully unwrap the ribs (you want them to be flexible but not fall apart when lifting them out of the foil) and brush on Big Nath’s BBQ sauce

Then either return to the oven to finish for 20-30 mins or place in a smoker at around 140C for 20-30mins or until the sauce is set (it will have become sticky and stuck to the ribs)

Finally remove the ribs from the oven or smoker and brush over another cot of Big Nath’s BBQ sauce

Leave whole or cut into what ever portions sizes you want and enjoy!!

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